Want to make a difference in your local community?

ERFPA members are always on the lookout for volunteers.

Whether you want to get outdoors and deliver food parcels, volunteer in a social supermarket or help out packing and sorting food parcels there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Many people from all walks of life get involved in volunteering in a range of different organisations to which they support and believe in, here is a small selection of the reasons why:

  • To Make A Difference

Many people take up volunteering roles in areas they have a passion for, to help the cause and to make a difference. It also initiates the chance to give back to the community by offering your services to help make a difference to those who need it.

  • To Gain New Skills

For some people volunteering is a way to gain and enhance new skills, which can lead to their employment. Over 70% of employers from the leading companies say they would rather employ someone with volunteering experience. Volunteering will enhance your CV and make you appeal more to the employer’s eye which will help you when applying for jobs.

  • To Meet New People

For many volunteering is a chance to socially interact, to meet new people and make new friends and to get to know the local community in a way you couldn’t before. You can have some amazing experiences with people, all in different stages and paths of life.

  • To Build Confidence And To Feel Good

Many people who volunteer, do so to show their appreciation for the work that these organisations do either because they have been helped by an organisation or someone they know has, and by getting involved in volunteering they are able to do the same and use their experience to help others in similar circumstances.

You can contact ERFPA members directly by visiting the mapping tool and finding a food bank/food pantry in your area or send us an email outlining your interests and we can match you to a project.

Access the mapping tool

Email: office@ervas.org.uk

Additionally feel free to visit the ERVAS website which offers a whole range of volunteering opportunities.

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